“Wisdom in process” is an experiment, trying to play with the mosaic-like format of a blog, and seeing what may be done with it in a cluster of engagements and experiences that all have something to do with wisdom in human life.

The word “process” is important. Without it, the idea of dealing with wisdom would be pretentious. But what if there is a wisdom that is not a position or asset but flowing in the thick of things? If wisdom is a flow in the thick of things, Philo-sophia, the love of wisdom, is about caring, discovering and perhaps some cultivation too, as in a garden, but really most of all about listening to what is there. Instead of habitually covering up and making things look more solid than they are, we may try to practice sharing and dancing from there.

Listening to many kinds of process.

Contributions in that spirit are cordially welcomed.

The blog is initiated by Niels Viggo Hansen and the Moving Meditation collective.

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