Blog intro: We need depth

Surfaces grow. Things, projects, information and networks make expanding and accelerating whirls through our lives. We are socialized into performing and accomplishing by being clever, smart, healthy and right-looking by multiple and fast-changing standards. As part of this, you should even preferably succeed as a creative individual boldly going against the mainstream and setting new standards. This compulsive, expanding but sticky surface is – at least for some – a wealth of opportunities. But it becomes a meaningless burden if we do not grow in depth.

This blog is dedicated to the two great classical paths of depth, philosophy and meditation. They have many interesting classical connections, but more than that. They also have liveliness together here and now – because we need depth more than ever, and in ever new ways.

My intention is to blog about processes, experiences and connections in both of them and especially in the two moving together in the real world. This is a field that has been alive for me for a while, as a philosopher and a lifelong meditator – actually I have even been a teacher of mediation since the ridiculously early age of 20, a story I will probably return to in a later blog. At the moment I believe the blog will mainly be my voice but questions and dialogue are welcome and it could take on its own life – it would not be the first of my projects to do so. It may move in some kind of dance together with my engagements in metaphysics, mindfulness, habit change, group dynamics, neuro-cogntive research in interacting minds, existential values in health care, embodied meditation, Tibetan Buddhism and apple trees. If this field of meditative-philosophical engagement points becomes to narrow a scope for you, dear reader, please challenge it with questions.

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